Better Roads for Rural Nova Scotia

Gravel roads are a top concern for many Nova Scotia residents living in rural areas, and that’s why it’s a top concern for your Liberal government.

Today, we are proud to announce a first-ever, annual $10 million in dedicated funding for gravel roads. This is new funding solely for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of gravel roads.

The funding is over and above what we usually have for local gravel road maintenance and will be broken down relative to the number of kilometres of road in each provincial district.

Safer, Smoother and Easier to Maintain

The annual $10 million Gravel Road Capital Program is a proactive, road stabilization program in which gravel roads will be repaired to improve their structure and drainage. Work will also include brush cutting, ditching, culvert replacement, digging out and repairing soft area and the application of a dust suppressant.

Work to strengthen the roads will also result in fewer closures each spring when the ground thaws and the gravel softens. This is an enormous benefit to those who travel these roads.

It’s the first time there has been funding set aside to specifically address gravel roads, and it will go a long way toward addressing some of the more urgent gravel road needs each year.

This is money that will be spent in rural areas. Gravel road work is anticipated to result in jobs for local contractors, helping to boost our rural economy and provide spin off business for area services, such as restaurants, hotels, and gas stations.