Liberals to Invest $17.4 million in Agriculture and Aquaculture Industries

A new Liberal government will create jobs for young Nova Scotians and more opportunities for the middle class by investing $17.4 million in two programs that support the aquaculture and agriculture industries.

“This investment will create jobs for young Nova Scotians and more opportunities for the middle class,” says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil.  “It will help fisheries and agriculture companies create new products to meet growing international demand.”

The Liberals will create the Building Tomorrow Fund for the agriculture and seafood industry.  It will be a $9 million investment over three years.

The concept is built on the successful Honeycrisp Orchard Renewal Program – which has helped apple growers to significantly expand markets. The new program will take effect in 2018-19. This will allow us to work with the industry over the next year to develop criteria for the new program.

Your Liberal government will also show its continued commitment to the Aquaculture Development Program with an $8.4 million investment over three years.

“This continued support for aquaculture will mean more young Nova Scotians will be able to stay in our province,” McNeil said. “Overall, we expect this investment to lead to 1,000 new jobs in this industry.”

One intention of this fund is to ensure the sector makes better use of existing aquaculture sites. All projects will continue to be subjected to strict consideration by the independent Aquaculture Review Board.

Currently, the aquaculture sector contributes about $60 million annually to the provincial economy and employs about 600 people.

“We know worldwide demand for high-quality food is growing – and we know Nova Scotia’s food products have a great reputation. By helping these sectors, we believe demand will grow, and job opportunities in these industries will rise,” McNeil said.