Liberal MLA Joachim Stroink says the NDP’s sudden concern over herbicide spraying is disingenuous given the fact the Dexter government sprayed Glyphosate annually over thousands of hectares of forest, including Crown lands.

“Why wasn’t this an issue when the NDP were approving Glyphosate spraying for four straight years?” asks Stroink. “Where was the concern from that caucus when their own government was applying Glyphosate on Crown lands?”

Herbicide spraying has been authorized annually for nine years in Nova Scotia by governing parties of all three political stripes. Between 2009 and 2013, the Dexter government approved Glyphosate spraying by Northern Pulp on over 6300 hectares of provincial forest lands and 300 hectares of Crown land.

Stroink points out that both NDP critic Lenore Zann and NDP leader Gary Burrill were members of the government caucus and fully supportive of the herbicide program.

“This is nothing more than political opportunism and revisionist history on the part of the NDP,” says Stroink. “When you look at its record in government, the NDP is an organization that has really lost its way on environmental issues.”

Stroink says a recently released report from New Brunswick’s chief medical officer of health examining the use of glyphosate concluded there is “no increased health risk to New Brunswickers exposed to glyphosate’. That finding was also endorsed by Ontario’s chief science officer, calling the New Brunswick report ‘thorough and comprehensive’. Glyphosate is used in forestry and/or non-forestry applications across Canada and in 160 countries worldwide.

“It’s disappointing to see the NDP fear-mongering and misinforming Nova Scotians – it just isn’t responsible behavior,” says Stroink.

“The fact is this is a party that saw nothing wrong with this safe herbicide program when they were in government.”