Samson Urges Opposition to Support Bill 75

Liberal House Leader Michel Samson is today urging the province’s opposition parties to end the political grand-standing and allow Bill 75 to proceed through the Legislature so that Friday’s strike by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union can be avoided.

“The opposition needs to ensure students are no longer negatively impacted by this labour impasse,” says Samson. “Given the decision by the NSTU, Friday will be a very difficult day for students and parents in this province – but it doesn’t have to be.”

With the opposition’s cooperation, Bill 75 could become law before Friday and thereby eliminate the possibility of an extended strike.

“We know opposition MLAs are receiving emails and phone calls from constituents urging them to support this legislation and end this labour disruption,” states Samson. “I’d encourage parents and students concerned about this impending strike to continue to reach out to MLAs – call them at their constituency offices, call their caucus office, email your concerns to them directly and ask them to stop this strike before it starts.”