More Graduates Get Help to Launch Their Careers in Nova Scotia

Graduates Getting More Career Help

As Liberals, we strive to support our graduates and help them find jobs here at home.

With the phenomenal work that’s happening in businesses across the province, and young people often fueling that momentum, now is the time to build on that success and enhance the Graduate to Opportunity program. This will encourage more businesses to hire women, people with disabilities and other diverse graduates.

“This program has already created meaningful career opportunities for hundreds of talented new graduates,” said Premier McNeil. “Our youth unemployment rate is trending down, and connecting more young people from underrepresented groups will help drive that rate down even further.”

Keep Our Youth At Home

Your Liberal government launched the Graduate to Opportunity program a little over two years ago to make it easier for Nova Scotia businesses to hire new grads. We were tired of seeing so many talented young people leaving the province in search of opportunity, while at the same time knowing that Nova Scotia businesses have opportunities to offer.

We had to figure out a way to connect the dots. This program has seen tremendous growth since 2015, and now employers who hire a female graduate in a non-traditional occupation, a graduate who self-identifies as a person with a disability, a racially visible person, or an Aboriginal person, or an international graduate, are eligible to receive a 35 percent first-year subsidy.  

Just A Small Piece Of What We Have To Offer

It’s not just our Graduate to Opportunity program that’s helping young Nova Scotians stay and work here, we offer an entire suite of programs to help employ our younger generation.

Our youth employment programs helped more than 3,000 young Nova Scotians in the last year alone. That’s thousands of graduates who are beginning their careers here in our province.

These programs are helping more of our daughters and sons stay and prosper in Nova Scotia, and also allowing more talented young people from away to put down roots here.

Your Liberal government encourages all employers to discover the positive impact that diversity – and a young graduate – can bring to their organizations and their bottom lines.