Improving Access to Rural High-Speed Internet

Funding to Improve Rural Internet Access

Improving rural Internet service is a top priority for your Liberal government. Internet has revolutionized the way we live, work, learn and socialize in this world.  And we know there is work to do to get Nova Scotians better access, so they can take full advantage of what the world-wide web has to offer.

Today, your Liberal government is proud to announce that $1.44 million has been earmarked for 22 municipal and community high-speed internet projects. All combined, the projects will reach up to 5,400 homes and 420 businesses. Community infrastructure, like business hubs or parks, community centres and fire halls will also benefit from this investment.

Opportunities for Growth

There’s no question that connection to high-speed internet enhances quality of life. The Internet is more than just a network of computers, it’s a communications platform for many. Businesses need it to succeed and connect to the global market, students need it for research, and families need it to stay connected.

“These projects will help many Nova Scotians get better service within months, while we continue to invest and work with partners in federal and municipal governments, community groups and internet service providers on broader, long-term solutions,” said Premier Stephen McNeil.

Any work we do to improve internet access is an investment in our people and the province’s future so we can continue to live, work and do business in the communities we love.