Nova Scotia Liberal Party AGM Postponed

Dear fellow Liberals,

After significant consultation with both the Table Officers and the Provincial Council, and many Liberals around the Province, I am writing today to advise you that your Officers have decided to postpone our AGM that is currently scheduled for May 5-7, 2017. The AGM is key to our party’s success and this decision was not taken lightly.

While we do not know when an election may be held, it has become abundantly clear that trying to concurrently plan for an election, while writing and consulting on a new constitution, carrying out our policy process, and planning the AGM, has become too much for our dedicated but small staff and Management group. These bodies of work are the most intensive staff processes that the Party undertakes at any time – and to attempt to do all of them concurrently has become unworkable.

Our staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly on these matters over the past few months. We have concluded that, to ensure that none of these very important pieces fall through the cracks or are not planned and executed to the standard our members expect, we must make the call to postpone our AGM.

The Management committee and I thank you in advance for your understanding and we will be in touch with a new date in the coming weeks and months.


Dr. John Gillis
President, Nova Scotia Liberal Party