Safe Travels for Visitors Along the Cabot Trail

Tourism is important to every community in Nova Scotia, and your Liberal government is proud to say our tourism industry continues to grow – with 2.2 million visitors in 2016. The industry generated $2.6 billion in tourism revenues last year, up by $125 million in 2015, and up by $575 million in 2014.

The Cabot Trail is a premium tourist destination. It’s a remarkable stretch of road filled with scenic views that defy description. Your Liberal government is making a significant investment to help ensure the roads that lead to the breath-taking experience the Cabot Trail has to offer are safe for tourists, local residents, cyclists and motorcyclists.

We are proud to announce joint funding to improve the more than 20 kilometres of road along the Cabot Trail parkway. Your Liberal government is making a provincial investment of $24.8 million, paired with a federal contribution of $11.2 million.

As Liberals, we know a sustainable tourism industry is vital to building a strong, healthy economy for our region. Any investment to improve the Cabot Trail is an investment in ourselves.