Improving Access to Mental Health Services

In light of World Mental Health Day, your Liberal government is fulfilling its commitment to improving access to mental health services across Nova Scotia.

We are investing an additional $8.6 million in government funding this year, which will lead to almost 70 more mental health-care providers. More than half of these investments focus on youth mental health.

“Youth mental health is everyone’s responsibility, and making progress will require work from many partners,” said Randy Delorey, Minister of Health and Wellness. “These investments will make it easier for young people and their families to get the services they need – at school, in the community, even in the comfort of their own homes.”

The new investments in 2017-18 specific to children and youth include:

  • $1.8 million to expand SchoolsPlus into 68 more schools across Nova Scotia;
  • $1.4 million to hire more school psychologists and speech language pathologists;
  • $700,000 to increase access to services delivered by the IWK in rural and underserved areas;
  • $463,000 to expand CaperBase, a youth outreach program in Cape Breton;
  • $192,000 to hire two guidance counsellors and a social worker in the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board;
  • $373,000 to hire new mental health clinicians to support children and youth in targeted communities; and
  • $300,000 to KidsHelpPhone to continue services online and by phone.

Other additional investments in mental health which will improve access and enhance services for Nova Scotians of all ages include:

  • $1.6 million to expand crisis services;
  • $1 million to create a province-wide central intake system so no door is the wrong door to get help;
  • $550,000 to increase access to community-based supports;
  • $198,400 for additional Sexual Assault Trauma Therapists;
  • $60,000 for Bloom, a program that connects individuals with their community pharmacists.

As Liberals, we understand how important these services are for Nova Scotians. We’re making these investments so Nova Scotians can receive the help they need, where and when they need it.