12 Things Your Liberal Government is Doing to Support Small Businesses

As Liberals, we want to bolster our thriving small business community in Nova Scotia. This means making it easier for small businesses to navigate the system and save time and money. It also means more opportunities and more jobs to keep people working and living here at home. Here are 12 things we are doing to support small businesses in our province and help them grow:


  1. Increasing the small businesses tax threshold to $500,000 from $350,000.
  2. Cutting $25 million in red tape
  3. Putting more money into the Graduate to Opportunity program, which provides a wage subsidy to Nova Scotia employers that hire new graduates.
  4. Creating a new hiring incentive program, called Innovate to Opportunity.
  5. Expanding the START apprenticeship program to enhance incentives for employers to hire underrepresented apprentices, such as minority groups and women.
  6. Investing more money into the Export Growth Program, which provides financial incentives to small and medium-sized businesses to grow their companies in the export market.
  7. Launching the Business Navigator Service, which helps steer small business owners through the regulatory environment to save time and money.
  8. Eliminating tuition for apprentices when they leave work to complete technical training.
  9. Establishing an Innovation Rebate Program to promote job growth by helping small and medium sized businesses to expand.
  10. Introducing an export accelerator program to assist Nova Scotian companies in getting their products to market
  11. Doubled small business development program to $1 million
  12. Increased funding to the Export Growth Program to $1.5 million