Continuing to Build on a Stronger Nova Scotia

The recent fall sitting of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly has provided further proof that your Liberal government is willing to work with Nova Scotians to build a stronger province where everyone can grow and succeed.

This session passed a budget and various pieces of legislation that will keep communities in our province safe and connected, strengthen health care and education, and make investments to grow our economy.

With the passage of the budget for this fiscal year, your Liberal government will:

  • train 56 doctors each year
  • complete 500 more orthopedic surgeries this year
  • hire more than 70 mental health professionals to improve access to mental health services.

“We know Nova Scotians want better access to health care,” said Premier McNeil. “That’s why we will hire more doctors and professionals, complete more surgeries, and cut wait times.”

The introduction of a free, full day pre-primary program will change the lives of children in Nova Scotia. Your Liberal government wants all children to have the best start possible, and this program will better prepare them for grade primary and save families thousands of dollars.

By cutting income taxes, our budget provides tax relief to 500,000 people and eliminates income tax for 60,000 people who need it most.

“We know that we can grow the economy and help Nova Scotians by cutting taxes,” said Premier McNeil. “That’s why our budget contained the biggest income tax cut in recent history.”

This tax cut will help share out province’s economic growth more equally to ensure more Nova Scotians benefit from our collective hard work.

Premier McNeil pointed to two key pieces of legislation that evolved throughout the session based on input from the public and other political parties: The Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act and the Intimate Images and Cyber Protection Act.

“We are here to bring in laws that reflect the will of Nova Scotians,” said Premier McNeil. “The way these bills changed and evolved shows that we are willing to work with Nova Scotians to create better bills and stronger legislation.”

Your Liberal government is looking forward to continuing to make investments in programs and services Nova Scotians want and deserve. Our plan provides improved supports for those who need it most, more opportunities for youth, support for seniors, and investments in health care and education. We remain committed to our plan and every day we continue to deliver on our commitments to Nova Scotians.