Moving NSCC Marconi to Downtown Sydney

The future of Cape Breton is full of optimism and potential. Your Liberal government knows there are challenges, but by working together, they can be overcome.

We know we can’t go looking for a short-term fix, and that we need a long-term strategy and vision.

Your Liberal government campaigned on a promise to do a feasibility study to move the NSCC Marconi campus downtown Sydney as part of our long-term plan. This idea has been around for a long time, but hasn’t seen much action.

Today, we are proud to announce our plan is moving forward. A request for proposals has been issued to determine the best approach for relocating the campus.

“A downtown campus will be an economic driver, bringing more energy to the downtown,” said Premier McNeil. “This study will determine how we can make this shift in the best way possible for students, faculty, and the community.”

The study will be conducted in three phases, with the consultant expected to begin work in February.

This move will revitalize the downtown core and the businesses district. It will bring nearly 1,500 students, instructors and support staff to downtown Sydney every single day.

The new campus will also provide more opportunities and options for students, meaning more sons and daughters of Cape Breton can study here at home.

The relocation of Marconi is a commitment to the future of Sydney and Cape Breton that will create economic spin-offs and opportunities for local businesses.

As Liberals, we know Sydney is a great place to live and work and with projects like this and all of us working together, we know it will only get better.