Helping to Reduce Poverty in Nova Scotia

Your Liberal government believes all Nova Scotians deserve a chance to build a better life for themselves and their families.

That’s why we’re pleased to take another step in helping to build a stronger Nova Scotia, where everyone can grow and be successful, with the introduction of the Building Vibrant Communities program.

“The program will help community-based organizations develop innovative approaches to supporting our most vulnerable citizens and ensuring every Nova Scotian has a chance of having a more secure future,” said Leo Glavine, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage. “This is about creating strong, empowered communities and supporting community organizations that best know what their local demands are and can use their knowledge and strong networks to address the unique needs of their communities.”

As Liberals, we know poverty is a complex issue, whose roots grow deep in any community or city. The creation of this program will help Nova Scotia’s most vulnerable gain access to services, food, independence, and transportation. The Building Vibrant Communities grant is the first initiative of your Liberal government’s poverty reduction blueprint.

Over the next four years, we have committed $20 million to support actions from all levels of government, and communities, to work together to help reduce poverty in Nova Scotia.

“Breaking the cycle of poverty requires ensuring the right programs and services are in place to address needs today and for future generations,” said Kelly Regan, Minister of Community Services. “This involves all levels of government, communities, community groups, and organizations working together.”

It’s going to take all of us to make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty.  And it will take a lot of time and many good ideas. Without question, some of the best results will come from projects and initiatives that are developed and led by communities.

Poverty is everyone’s issue, and it affects each of us. We will all benefit, when everyone succeeds.