Working Together to Build Stronger Classrooms

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We are always focused on improving student success.

We want to put more resources in classrooms and receive more input from principals, teachers, and parents – those who know their communities best.

This is a moment where we need to press forward together with a focus on those who need us most – our students. That is why we’re announcing the following changes.

More supports for students

Our government will move to dissolve the seven elected regional school boards and create one provincial advisory body. Throughout this change, the structure of the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, the CSAP, will not change.

We will move to provide more supports to students by:

  • Investing any savings back into the education system
  • Moving specialists out of offices and into classrooms
  • Making curriculum more responsive to student needs by increasing teacher input

More input for communities

We believe that local voices are important in the education system, but we do not believe the current model lets their voices be heard or their input implemented.

That is why after dissolving these boards we will move to fund and empower School Advisory Councils. These councils made of parents, teachers, and community leaders know the needs of their communities.

They will work with principals and teachers to determine what is best for their schools.

Under this new model we will also:

  • Teachers and principals will oversee the selection of text books and learning materials best designed to meet the needs of their students
  • We will let more decisions be made at the community level
  • Ensure that Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotians are heard at the seniors levels of the education system

These changes will put more resources into our classrooms and, with more direct input from classroom teachers, principals, parents, and community leaders, it will create a more responsive public education system in Nova Scotia.

Empowering our educators

While building this more responsive system, we are also taking steps to further empower superintendents, principals and teachers. We are:

  • Letting teachers and principals select textbooks and learning materials
  • Giving teachers more input on curriculum
  • Giving teachers the mobility and choice to work anywhere in Nova Scotia

These changes mean more power and input for those in our classrooms and on our frontlines. It will mean they have more freedom to choose what to teach, what books to use, and where they want to practice.

Your Liberal government is committed to working with those in our education system – our teachers, superintendents, principals, and our staff, to deliver the changes our students deserve.