Our Vision for Student Success: Commission on Inclusive Education

This is the fourth of a series of posts highlighting the key initiatives in your Liberal government’s Vision for Student Success.

The Commission on Inclusive Education is made up of three members: one appointed by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, one appointed by government, and a chair and subject matter expert, Dr. Sarah Shea. The Commission is looking at the issue of inclusion in the classroom.

The Commission emerged from the concerns of both parents and teachers about how to appropriately address the needs of children who require special supports. The Commission was tasked with consulting with stakeholders and producing recommendations for consideration.

The Commission is reviewing current practice and policy and developing a plan that will include recommendations on improvements and goals. The recommendations will address funding, resources, professional development, and improving teaching and learning conditions.

Throughout the course of its work the Commission will engage front-line teachers, parents, students, and associations, and review best practices across Canada.

In its first week, the Commission saw over 1,400 Nova Scotians participate in its public engagement effort using both online and in-person opportunities. The Commission’s work is ongoing, their final report is due in March.