Protecting the Rights of Service Dog Users

Your Liberal government is committed to helping those who need it most. We’re pleased to announce that the rights of service dog users to live, shop, commute and access the same places and services that other Nova Scotians do will be protected when legislation comes into effect later this month.

This legislation ensures people who rely on service dogs can go about their daily lives without fear of being denied access or experiencing discrimination.

There is growing diversity in the types of service dogs providing support to Nova Scotians, including people who have autism, mobility issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and seizures. Service dogs are specially trained to assist individuals with everyday activities such as ringing doorbells, assisting with balance and stability, alerting or responding to seizures or diabetic episodes and other tasks.

The act has established a registrar responsible for overseeing application, certification and visual identification for service dog teams. The identification will help people and businesses determine which service dog users qualify for rights protection. The act also outlines penalties for denying rights and for falsely representing a dog as being a member of a service dog team.

Our government will be putting an emphasis on education, awareness and warnings in early stages while Nova Scotians better understand the new law and rights of service dog users.

For more information please visit their webpage here.