Before and After Pilot Program for Pre-primary Children

Since launching Nova Scotia’s Pre-primary Program, we have supported thousands of children to access early learning opportunities the year before they start school.

As we continue to rollout the program over the next two years, thousands more will share the same opportunity. But our support does not stop there. It is our vision that pre-primary children and their families have access to care and support before, during and after pre-primary.

We’re pleased to announce that your Liberal government will pilot 10 on-site, before and after programs for pre-primary children, focused on physical literacy, movement and outdoor play.

The approach will focus on the physical activity needs of children, by incorporating your Liberal government’s new Let’s Get Moving Action Plan.

For the children in pre-primary programs, this pilot will test a seamless day with no disruption, with exposure to different types of programming throughout the day. And for our childcare and recreation sectors, this is an opportunity to work collaboratively to test a new model of delivery under a common program standard.

The before and after program pilot is a new, voluntary program that will be fee-based and delivered and staffed by childcare and recreation providers. To support more families to access a quality and affordable before and after program, we will extend the Child Care Subsidy Program to all families of pre-primary children who take part in the pilot that meet the income threshold criteria.

The pilot will run from January to June and will be monitored and evaluated to determine next steps.