$690 million invested in Hospitals, Schools, and Roads – Capital Plan 2019-2020


We’re investing $691 million in capital projects across the province this year, with more than $219 million dedicated to improving health care facilities across Nova Scotia.

The 2019-20 Capital Plan includes $157 million for the QEII Next Generation and CBRM Health Redevelopment projects – a once in a generation investment to improve our healthcare infrastructure. $304 million will be invested in our highways, roads, and bridges and $63 million will be spend on new and renovated schools.

Here are some of the project on the list this year:



Cape Breton Healthcare Redevelopment

QEII Next Generation Redevelopment

IWK emergency department design

Halifax Infirmary renovations

Dialysis units in Digby, Glace Bay, and Valley Regional Hospitals

Chemotherapy preparation lab

Dartmouth General expansion and renovation

Hants Community Hospital renovation

South Shore Hospital Emergency Department and ICU expansion

North Cumberland Health Centre project

IWK MRI replacement



Bedford Ravines P-9

Clare Regional Elementary

Eastern District P-12

Eastern Shore District High

Ecole Halifax Peninsula

Ecole Wedgeport

Glace Bay Elementary

Le Marchant-St. Thomas Elementary

Springhill Elementary

Spryfield High

Yarmouth Elementary

Horton High

Ecole acadienne de Pomquet

Ferrisview Elementary

Frank H. MacDonald Elementary


Major Highways Construction

Highway 101: Digby to Marshalltown

Highway 101: Three Mile Plains to Falmouth Twinning

Highway 102: Aerotech Connector

Highway 102: Lantz Interchange and Connector

Highway 102/103: Interchange Structure Replacement

Highway 103: Upper Tantallon to Ingramport Twinning

Highway 103: Twinning: Ingramport to Hubbards

Highway 104 Twinning: Sutherlands River to Antigonish

Highway 107: Sackville-Bedford-Burnside Connector

For a complete list of local projects, please see the 2019-2020 Capital Plan


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