84 New Pre-Primary Classes

We know an investment in pre-primary is an investment in the well-being of our children, and the future of our province. Our children deserve the best start we can give them in school and in life, and pre-primary helps us do just that.

Research shows a child’s mental development is helped by early learning. Educational play-based programs like our pre-primary initiative have been shown to improve social, health, and emotional outcomes, with benefits lasting a lifetime. It will also save families thousands of dollars in child care costs every year.

In the 2017 election campaign, we promised to create a universal pre-primary program for four-year-olds. Today marks year three of our four-year rollout.

We started with just over 50 classes two years ago, added 130 classes last year, and are adding 84 new classes this year. More than 200 schools across the province are now delivering the pre-primary program, and over 3,000 children were enrolled last year, with an additional 1,400 expected this year.

$10.2 million will be invested this year to add the additional 84 classrooms, bringing the annual investment to $34.2 million.

Here are the new pre-primary classes this year:

Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education

  • Berwick and District School
  • Glooscap Elementary School
  • Falmouth District School
  • Dwight Ross School
  • Hantsport School
  • Windsor Elementary School
  • Windsor Forks District School
  • Gasperau Valley Elementary School

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education

  • North Highlands Elementary School
  • Boularderie Elementary School
  • Brookland Elementary School
  • Donkin School
  • Dr. T.L. Sullivan School
  • Rankin School of the Narrows
  • Tompkins Memorial Elementary School
  • Shipyard River Elementary School
  • Sydney River Elementary School

Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education

  • West Colchester Consolidated School
  • Cumberland North Academy
  • Great Village Elementary School
  • Uniacke District School
  • A.G. Baillie Memorial School
  • Cobequid District Elementary School
  • Parrsboro Regional Elementary School
  • Salt Springs Elementary School
  • West Pictou Consolidated School
  • Scotsburn Elementary School
  • Tatamagouche Elementary School

Halifax Regional Centre for Education

  • Sunnyside Elementary School
  • Alderney Elementary School
  • Caldwell Road Elementary School
  • Hawthorn Elementary School
  • John MacNeil Elementary School
  • Mount Edward Elementary School
  • Robert K. Turner Elementary School
  • Tallahassee Community School
  • Oldfield Consolidated School
  • Burton Ettinger Elementary School
  • Duc d’Anville Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Sutherland
  • LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary
  • Rockingham Elementary School
  • Saint Mary’s Elementary School
  • St. Catherine’s Elementary School
  • Harrietsfield Elementary School
  • Bell Park Academic Centre
  • Atlantic View Elementary School
  • Caudle Park Elementary School
  • Cavalier Drive School
  • Millwood Elementary School
  • O’Connell Drive Elementary School

South Shore Regional Centre for Education

  • Bridgewater Elementary School
  • Bluenose Academy

Tri-County Regional Centre for Education

  • Clark’s Harbour Elementary School
  • Digby Elementary School
  • Evelyn Richardson Memorial Elementary School

View the full list of pre-primary locations and details on registration and eligibility.

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