A cleaner, greener Nova Scotia by 2030

We're building more affordable wind and solar energy, greening public transit, investing in provincial parks

Our way of life is intrinsically influenced by the natural environment surrounding us. Action taken to fight climate change and protect our ecosystems is essential to preserve the health and prosperity the natural beauty of our province affords us. We’re leading the charge on emissions reductions, ending our reliance on coal by 2030 while making energy more affordable by increasing the use of wind and solar. We’re protecting biodiversity, approaching our goal of 14% protected land, and aiming even higher. 

Protecting Communities from Coastal Flooding

  • Investing $25 million over 10 years to proactively upgrade 60km of dykes and aboiteaux to protect communities from coastal flooding.
  • Consulting on the Coastal Protection Act to ensure that future construction is done in ways that protect our sensitive coastal ecosystems.
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Supporting the Transition to Ecological Forestry

  • Developing two transformational forestry guides: Silviculture Guide for Ecological Matrix and the High Production guide.
  • Investing $5.4 million to assist the transition to ecological forestry, including $1 million to train skilled workers and implement the new forestry guides.
  • Keeping forestry in Nova Scotia ahead of the curve with a $6.1 million investment through the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust, in the Centre of Forest Innovation at the NSCC in Truro.
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Investing in Nova Scotia’s Provincial Parks

  • Prioritizing provincial park system upgrades with a $15 investment over four years.
  • Adding more serviced sites, new trails, accessible and gender neutral comfort stations, and doubling annual funding for routine infrastructure improvements.
  • Prioritizing accessibility so that every Nova Scotian is able to experience the natural beauty of our province.
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Increasing Protected Areas

  • Increasing Nova Scotia’s land protection target to 17% in recognition of the work already completed to put us on the way to reaching our previous goal of 14%.
  • Continuing to protect ecologically significant areas like the 150 sites protected since 2013.
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Greener Buildings

  • Supporting industry partners to drive sustainable construction.
  • Creating infrastructure that lasts.
  • Exploring zero carbon emission construction.
  • Encouraging all new commercial developments to incorporate EV chargers.
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Launching a New Bedford Ferry

  • Investing $3.3 million to commence the design phase of the new Bedford ferry terminal and to explore technology options for an electric or hybrid-electric ferry.
  • Approving funding to launch a new Bedford ferry service upon completion of the design phase.
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Electrifying Our Bus Transit Fleet

  • Leveraging a $47 million provincial investment to advance a $112 million bus electrification partnership with federal and municipal governments.
  • Creating the first fleet of electric buses in the Halifax Regional Municipality — 60 battery operated vehicles.
  • Planning to expand the Ragged Lake Transit Centre.
  • Investing $300,000 to explore bringing electric bus transport to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).
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Reducing Emissions by Greening Transit

  • Making it easier to move sustainably around the province.
  • Ensuring that green technology and infrastructure investments are at the heart of our transportation strategy.
  • Bringing green transformation to our personal and public transportation.
  • Committing to active transportation.
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Supporting Youth to Enter The Green Economy

  • Adding $1 million over four years to the Clean Foundation of Nova Scotia’s Clean Energy Training Program.
  • Committing an additional $2 million over four years to the Clean Leadership Summer Internship Program.
  • Supporting youth internships in climate change, clean tech, waste management, and food security.
  • Creating pathways for youth who identify as Indigenous, Mi’kmaq, Black, African Nova Scotian, and/or a person of African descent.
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Bold Action & Ambitious Targets to Fight Climate Change

  • Reducing Nova Scotia’s emissions to 53 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero by 2050.
  • Leveraging our commitment to green technology to meet or surpass our commitment to make electricity generation carbon neutral by 2050.
  • Creating a Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth by the end of 2021.
  • Building on the Environmental Goal and Sustainable Prosperity Act and the Sustainable Development Goals Act consultations.
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Inspiring Green Energy Collaboration

  • Investing $2 million to establish a Clean Energy Growth Hub that will support leading-edge research and development of next-generation green technologies.
  • Staying ahead of the green energy curve so that Nova Scotians have low-cost, low-carbon energy.
  • Building relationships to grow the clean energy sector.
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Securing 100% Renewable Energy for Provincial Buildings

  • Securing 100 percent renewable energy for provincial buildings by 2025.
  • Investing $1 million annually to source ~10 megawatts of clean, wind-generated electricity for provincial buildings.
  • Leveraging the Green Choice Program to give large-scale power customers more options to buy clean energy.
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Expanding Community Solar Energy Programs

  • Introducing the Community Solar program to give communities more control over their renewable energy future.
  • Investing $8 million over four years to deliver targeted solar community benefiting projects and 7.5 million in solar gardens projects in Antigonish, Mahone Bay, and Berwick.
  • Solidifying funding for the Home Solar Program with a $3 million annual investment.
  • Creating a Not-for-Profit Solar Stream to provide electricity for nonprofits.
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Wind Energy

Wind energy is now the cheapest form of electricity in Canada. It is a local source of energy that significantly reduces GHG emissions.

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Unleashing Our Renewable Energy Strategy

  • Accelerating renewable energy growth so that 80% of Nova Scotia’s energy comes from renewable sources by 2030.
  • Stimulating over $550 million in construction activity and creating over 4000 new jobs with our recent investment into the development of 350 megawatts of renewable energy projects.
  • Exploring how the Canada Infrastructure Bank can invest in our renewable energy projects to reduce costs for ratepayers.
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Atlantic Loop

  • Advocating for the Atlantic Loop to secure federal financial support.
  • Co-chairing, with the federal government, work on the Atlantic Loop.
  • Upgrading interties between Canada’s eastern provinces.
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Affordably Transition off Coal by 2030

  • Phasing out coal by 2030, ten years earlier than planned.
  • Supporting our energy transition with training, skills development, jobs in renewable energy, and green economy opportunities.
  • Keeping electricity rates at our below inflation as we transition off coal.
  • Encouraging collaboration with partners in business, industry, nonprofit, and community to create new renewable energy initiatives.
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Supporting Community-Based Green Innovation

  • Incentivizing local climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts with a $12 million commitment to the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund.
  • Encouraging large multi-year projects that improve infrastructure and create jobs.
  • Supporting local communities with climate change planning, adaptation, and preparedness.
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