Creating a strengthened economy where business can grow and hire

Turning a strong recovery into a prosperous future

We’re at the start of something big.

Nova Scotia is ready to grow. We’re ready to take the next step. What do we see across Nova Scotia? Optimism. Across our province, people are working hard, they have big ideas – and they’re ready to build a brighter tomorrow. Nova Scotia is open for business.

Before the pandemic, we were on the right track. Our economy was growing and there were more opportunities. Our GDP was at an all time high and unemployment at an all-time low. COVID-19 stopped the world – but it couldn’t stop Nova Scotians. Our sound economy helped us weather the storm, and with the hard work of Nova Scotians, we’re ready to move forward.

Our government is focused on building a strong economic recovery. We laid the groundwork during the pandemic – first by protecting Nova Scotians, then by supporting affected businesses and powering the restart of our tourism industry.

A re-elected Liberal government will turn a strong recovery into a prosperous future. We will empower Nova Scotians who are ready to get to work. We’re building an economy where businesses can start, hire and innovate. We’re supporting traditional strengths, like agriculture and forestry, while encouraging new areas like clean tech, information technology, and renewable energy.

There are opportunities for the taking – but we need to get moving. That’s why we’re clearing the way, it’s why we’re unleashing the innovative power of Nova Scotians. We established the Premier’s Economic Growth Council to help guide us to be more competitive and chart a path to make us the start-up capital of Canada. Our government has cut $50 million in red tape since 2017, exceeding the previous goal and saving business time and money. We’ll cut an additional $30 million by 2022, bringing our total amount saved up to $80 million. This means a better environment for new businesses to start and for existing ones to scale up.

Nova Scotians deserve an exciting, prosperous future – and we’re working to give it to them. Our plan is progressive, practical, and bold. Nova Scotians have shown they can do big things, and a re-elected Liberal government will provide the strong economy that big things need.

The world is noticing Nova Scotia – it’s time we took centre stage

Building Essential Infrastructure and Transit

  • Investing $107 million to build the Sackville-Burnside Connector, a 9km twinned highway that will connect highways 101, 102, and 119 — completed in 2023.
  • Building federal partnerships to twin Highway 104 from Antigonish to Port Hawkesbury and Highway 103 from Hubbards to Bridgewater.
  • Increasing the Gravel Road Capital Program by 50% to $30 million and doubling the Rural Impact Mitigation Fund to $22 million.
  • Removing fees from provincial ferries and from the Cobequid Pass.
  • Investing $193 million in rural broadband infrastructure so that 99% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses have access to high speed internet.
  • Increasing, permanently, the budget of the Emergency Services Providers Fund to $2 million annually.
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Government of the Future: Going Digital

  • Establishing a Minister of Digital Government & Services to make everyday government transactions and interactions more convenient for businesses and residents.
  • Enhancing digital tools so that the public service is efficient and effective.
  • Ensuring Nova Scotia’s IT infrastructure is protected against cyber-threats.
  • Implementing seamless identity management and login that protects private information.
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Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Changing the current suite of Business Risk Management programs to offer stronger compensation for farmers.
  • Investing $1.3 million in year one of a Nova Scotia Quality Wine Strategy to support the 25 licenced farm wineries and 58 grape growers in Nova Scotia.
  • Investing $5 million in the Agriculture Clean Technology Program to promote sustainable growth, improve energy efficiency, extend growing seasons, and lower the cost of production.
  • Continuing to build the Seafood Quality Program to grow our reputation for premium quality seafood and grow our exports.
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The Creative Economy

  • Doubling the Nova Scotian Film and Television Production Incentive Fund to $46.6 million.
  • Investing $3 million per year in a new Nova Scotia Content Creator Fund to cover the gaps in funding for locally developed projects.
  • Implementing the recommendations of a recent feasibility study to establish a year-round film and television soundstage.
  • Investing an additional $3 million in supplemental operational funding for arts and culture operators and organizations that are getting back on their feet.
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Boosting Nova Scotia’s Tourism

  • Investing $18.2 million to provide grants for tourism operators to help with marketing and other costs.
  • Investing $5.8 million in marketing campaigns to encourage Nova Scotians to re-discover our province.
  • Ensuring that tourism operators can increase their online presence and adopt digital technologies by investing $5 million over two years in the Tourism Digital Assistance Program.
  • Revitalizing Nova Scotia’s iconic tourist sites through the Tourism Revitalization of Icons Program.
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Growing our Bio-Sciences Sector

  • Creating a Health Innovation and Life Sciences Strategy to capitalize and expand on expertise in health research and bio-manufacturing.
  • Positioning the health innovation and life sciences sector for growth by creating an industry led Life Science Acceleration Council.
  • Partnering with industry to pilot a $500,000 fund to create direct pathways to opportunities in life sciences and allow individuals and businesses to access training support.
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Growing our population – Growing our workforce

  • Committing $10.3 million over four years to support the Study and Stay Program that ensures skilled immigrants and international graduates stay in Nova Scotia.
  • Investing $1.35 million over four years to digitize our immigration application system to make it easier for skilled workers to immigrate to Nova Scotia.
  • Creating nominee programs for skilled labour on-demand trades and partnering with the federal government to implement and expand the Atlantic Immigration Program to increase the number of immigrants who land in Nova Scotia.
  • Expanding the Occupations In Demand Immigration Stream to include heavy machinery operators, Early Childhood Educators, and Continuing Care Assistants.
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Blue Economy

Creating jobs in the blue economy by providing $30 million between now and 2030 to COVE — Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship — so that it can reach its full potential.

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For information on provincial political contributions visit Elections Nova Scotia.
For information on claiming provincial tax credits visit Canada Revenue Agency.
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