Turning Challenge into Opportunity

The economy of Nova Scotia remains impacted by COVID-19, but our foundations are strong. We now have a generational opportunity to recover and advance our economy, act on climate change, and create more opportunity, while taking a more inclusive and sustainable path.

Creating a strong economy where business will grow:

  • $1 billion dollar investment in infrastructure and innovation, creating thousands of jobs.
  • Reducing the regulatory burden so Nova Scotian businesses can thrive.
  • Building a world leading start-up capital where Nova Scotian companies will invest, grow their firms, and create good jobs.

Accelerating healthcare modernization and medical innovation:

  • Making the largest mental health budget in the province’s history and establishing the new Office of Mental Health and Addictions
  • $13 million in investments to recruit and train more doctors and nurses
  • Doing better for our seniors in long-term care facilities by investing more than ever before ($1.02 billion) in long-term care and home care, adding more than 230 beds across the province by 2025.

A more affordable, inclusive, and connected Nova Scotia with supports for people who need it most:

  • The single largest investment in income assistance in the province’s history at $35.2 million, increasing the amount by $100 a month per adult
  • Building more safe, suitable and affordable housing.
  • Access to reliable high-speed internet service across the province, with 94 percent coverage by the end of this year, an increase from our current 80 percent coverage. 

A cleaner economy creates jobs, supports a healthy environment, and benefits all Nova Scotians. 

  • Incentives for energy efficiency upgrades for affordable housing 
  • Rebates to homeowners installing solar panels
  • Incentives for energy efficiency upgrades for small businesses and not-for-profits
  • Rebates for clean, reliable, new and used electric vehicles, including e-bikes

If you believe every Nova Scotian deserves an economy where business will grow, in a fair and respectful province that is clean and vibrant, then add your name below.


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Nova Scotia Tax Credits

Nova Scotia residents can donate up to $5,000 per year to each political party. Your first $1,000 is eligible for a generous 75% tax credit (That means the first $1,000 donated only costs you $250.)

For information on provincial political contributions visit Elections Nova Scotia.
For information on claiming provincial tax credits visit Canada Revenue Agency.
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