Businesses in Nova Scotia Feel PC Government is Checked Out

Businesses in Nova Scotia are bearing the brunt of what has become obvious these last few months – the Houston government is indifferent to the affordability crisis.

According to the latest numbers released by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 80 per cent of businesses in the province feel that Tim Houston’s government has no understanding of the crushing cost burdens they’re facing.

Over 75 per cent of businesses surveyed list fuel and energy costs as their primary concern. Diesel is nearly two dollars per litre, with gas not far behind, severely impacting business productivity amidst a growing labour shortage.

Despite this, Premier Houston has repeatedly balked at providing any shred of relief to people or businesses as the cost-of-everything continues to soar.

“Doing business in Nova Scotia needs to be affordable,” says Economic Development critic Fred Tilley. “But a disturbing trend emerged early on from this government, which is a complete lack of interest in supporting our small businesses who are, quite frankly, the backbone of our economy. The longer that Premier Houston turns his back on the affordability crisis, the longer and deeper the economic pain will be.”