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Colin Coady

Liberal Candidate for Halifax Needham

Colin Coady is a public defender with Nova Scotia Legal Aid, an equal partner to his wife, Alex, a dog dad to Boomer, and a proud North Ender. 

Colin has lived in Halifax his entire life and he calls the North End home. He went to St. Francis Xavier where he studied Political Science, followed by participating in two government internships in Ethiopia and Ecuador. Colin’s passion for community development and roots in social justice go back to his great-grand uncle, Moses Coady, who was a pioneer of the co-operative movement and leader for community based initiatives and development. 

Colin has always wanted to work closely with his community and serve the public good. He is excited and proud to be the Liberal candidate for Halifax Needham in the next Provincial election, and looks forward to earning your trust and support.


Get in touch with Colin Coady’s campaign office
Phone: 902-405-0828
Address: 2739 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS


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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Needham like no other community in Nova Scotia. The tragic outbreak at Northwood underscored the need to do better for our seniors in long-term care facilities. Staff and residents need our government’s continued support long after this pandemic recedes, and I want to be their voice in government to ensure issues are dealt with quickly and effectively, and the right investments are made.

The pandemic has also been a strain on the mental health of all Nova Scotians. Premier Rankin devoted new energy to this issue by establishing the Office of Mental Health and Addictions. Our community has specific needs when it comes to mental health and strong partners, like the North End Community Health Clinic, that are essential in delivering care.


There is more development in North End Halifax now than in any time during my lifetime; and it’s no wonder–this is a great place to live. But the benefits of this growth have not been shared widely enough. Finding affordable housing is harder than ever and the situation is not sustainable for so many of our neighbours. We need solutions and we need investments in affordable housing. Previous representatives have not been able to deliver and that needs to change if Needham is going to continue to be the vibrant, diverse community that we all love.

Economic development should be an opportunity for our neighbourhoods. More shops and services, better transit, job opportunities. But it cannot come at the expense of our neighbours with lower incomes who are at risk of being pushed out. Needham needs action on this issue, and along with Premier Rankin, we can deliver.

Justice Reform

As a public defender with Legal Aid, Colin has seen first hand how our justice system works–and doesn’t–for many Nova Scotians. Systematic racism and misogyny have shaped too many outcomes and we are all worse off as a result. We need reforms and properly funded programs to assist communities which are over represented in the criminal justice system.

We also need new, trauma-informed, victim-centred ways of dealing with sexual assault complaints. Too often, people are afraid to come forward, and we need to do better for them.

These reforms require bold action and unwavering commitment, and Colin believes that he is the candidate that can accomplish this.  

How to Vote for Colin

Elections Nova Scotia has made it easy and convenient for you to vote safely in this election. Now is the time to make your vote plan to ensure your voice is heard.

Every Day: You can vote every day at 2700 Robie Street – Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm

Advance Poll: You can vote early at Advance Polls from August 7 to 14

Mail: You can apply for a write-in ballot, visit

Election Day: Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, August 17

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