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Heather Peters

Liberal Candidate for Cape Breton East

Heather is honoured to be the provincial Liberal candidate for Cape Breton East. Our riding needs a strong voice in the Legislature. She is excited to discuss your ideas and advocate for solutions to deal with outmigration of our youth, the need for new infrastructure, economic development, roadwork and health care. With the leadership of Premier Rankin we can achieve the goals of Cape Breton East and Heather is eager to begin working with you.

Born and raised on Mira Road, she continues to live here in the riding. Throughout her career she has worked locally as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the CBRH and in various nursing homes, in the classroom as a student’s aide, for the federal government at Immigration Canada, with persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and for her family owned construction company.

As a 51 year old single mother of two young adults, Heather is passionate about education and professional development of our youth, and she believes that families are the foundations of our society and we must provide them with the necessary supports to succeed.

Heather feels fortunate to have been able to make a life in Cape Breton and to continue to live on Mira Road, surrounded by our extended Peters’ family and the friends that we have throughout the riding. It is this strong sense of community and family values that that run deep in our community as why she looks forward to running for MLA in Cape Breton East.

Our Plan for Recovery and Growth

Nova Scotia is ready to take the next step. We have an opportunity, right now, and an obligation to leave a better legacy for our children – by increasing equity, protecting the environment and building a better tomorrow.

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Doctor shortage is a big issue in many places across the country, not just in Cape Breton East. This is not something that a government can simply fix with a recruiting team. We all need to sell our region to prospective doctors and their families. Money is not the bargaining chip anymore.


Heather hopes to work with community groups and Tourism Cape Breton/Tourism Nova Scotia to showcase what we have to offer in Cape Breton East. We are collectively so much more in this vast riding and we need to market our area properly. Proper marketing will lead to economic growth. It will assist businesses, non-profit groups and increase revenues in our towns. We need to have an all-inclusive marketing theme that encompasses what Cape Breton East truly is.

Economic Opportunity

Revitalization after covid-19. We need to create jobs. Ideally we need to support people who want to invest in our communities. We need to be open to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and as a government be ready to support them on every level. We need to be open for business and supportive to new small businesses.


Infrastructure is always an issue in a riding as vast as Cape Breton East. We need a better system to prioritize and maintain our roads. Plowing of provincial roads is also a big concern and it needs to be addressed.

How to Vote for Heather

Elections Nova Scotia has made it easy and convenient for you to vote safely in this election. Now is the time to make your vote plan to ensure your voice is heard.

Every Day: You can vote every day at 2590 Hillside Road, Marion Bridge – Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm

Advance Poll: You can vote early at Advance Polls from August 7 to 14

Mail: You can apply for a write-in ballot, visit

Election Day: Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, August 17

Additional Voting Information Vote Safe
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