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Labi Kousoulis

Liberal Candidate for Halifax Citadel - Sable Island

Labi Kousoulis was first elected in 2013 to the Nova Scotia Legislature as the member for Halifax Citadel-Sable Island and immediately appointed to cabinet as Minister of the Public Service Commission, later as Minister of Information Management and Minister of the Voluntary Sector. He was re-elected in 2017 and appointed Minister of Labour & Advanced Education. In February 2021, he was appointed Minister of Finance & Treasury Board, Minister of Inclusive Economic Growth and Minister of Trade.

During his time in government, he has brought forth several important initiatives, some of which include consolidating hospital procurement across Nova Scotia, saving the government over $50 million (which was redirected to frontline healthcare), and implementing 3rd wave COVID-19 supports for our small businesses and tourism operators across the province—many of whom are in Halifax Citadel-Sable Island.

Labi holds a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA from Saint Mary’s University. He also holds a CPA-CMA designation. He resides in Halifax Citadel-Sable Island with his partner and two children

Our Plan for Recovery and Growth

Nova Scotia is ready to take the next step. We have an opportunity, right now, and an obligation to leave a better legacy for our children – by increasing equity, protecting the environment and building a better tomorrow.

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In 2015, Labi tabled the Boat Harbour Act in consultation with First Nations communities. The Act was a step towards ending the many years of environmental racism and halting the flow of effluent into Boat Harbour. He is also passionate about our environment. If left unchecked, climate change will increasingly have adverse effects on our daily lives. He is a champion for economic growth and recovery by investing in a new green economy.

Third Wave COVID-19 Business Supports

Since being appointed as the Minister of Inclusive Economic Growth, Labi had the pleasure to work with our small business and tourism community to craft supports aimed at weathering the third wave. Over $120 million has been issued to assist small businesses in Nova Scotia, many of whom are here in Halifax Citadel-Sable Island. Labi has spent the past four months advocating for the small business community.

Fighting for Housing and our Most Vulnerable

Passionate about his community, Labi has been a vocal critic of housing on the Halifax Peninsula and the concerns around housing supply. Under his leadership, the manors in Halifax Citadel-Sable Island underwent critical infrastructure improvements. Residence no longer face inaccessible units with water damage or infestation. Over $29 million was invested this year to provide safe, suitable, and affordable housing under the Nova Scotia Action Plan for Affordable Housing.

Keeping our Youth here at Home

During his time as Minister of Labour & Advanced Education, Nova Scotia saw unemployment rates reach record lows, and a reversal in the outflow of young people from the province. With a passion for keeping youth at home, Labi championed a change in archaic hiring practises within the public service. This change saw over 2000 youth brought directly into government roles. In addition to keeping youth in Nova Scotia, he also championed addition medical seats at Dalhousie University Medical School, as well as loan forgiveness for Nova Scotian students.

How to Vote for Labi

Elections Nova Scotia has made it easy and convenient for you to vote safely in this election. Now is the time to make your vote plan to ensure your voice is heard.

Every Day: You can vote every day at Suite 150, 1310 Hollis Street – Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm

Advance Poll: You can vote early at Advance Polls from August 7 to 14

Mail: You can apply for a write-in ballot, visit

Election Day: Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, August 17

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