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Pam Cooley

Liberal Candidate for Dartmouth North

Pam comes from a family of five siblings. Her dad was a small business owner, and her mom was always active in the community and a big Liberal! Pam is grateful to them for teaching her what it means to care about others and “do her part” to make the world a better place.

Pam’s life work has a consistent thread – equity, commitment to building community, supporting business, and the environment. She is known as the “Carshare Lady” being the co-founder of CarShare Atlantic (now Communauto Atlantic), a social and environmental enterprise providing an alternate to personally owned vehicles. Pam is also the Founder of Choosethical Ventures Inc., a facilitation and consulting company based in Vancouver and Halifax. She has worked with over 250 businesses, not-for-profits and government departments. For twenty years, she led projects that addressed issues such as poverty, mental health, gender equality, food security, and housing. Her work in Nova Scotia has been with The Office of L’nu Affairs, the “Made in Nova Scotia” tri-partied treaty negotiations, The Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, and the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry.

As a dedicated volunteer all her life, Pam currently is giving her time on the Board of Inspiring Communities an organization that brings community organizations, government, businesses and changemakers together, to collectively solve, complex social problems. Her work with Tennis Nova Scotia is helping to make tennis accessible to everyone. She is also part of a team working to develop the new Mi’kmaw Friendship Centre in Halifax. She believes this centre will be a place where non-indigenous and indigenous peoples can get together to work, learn, and play. Pam has devoted her career to creating a greener, more equitable world.

Our Plan for Recovery and Growth

Nova Scotia is ready to take the next step. We have an opportunity, right now, and an obligation to leave a better legacy for our children – by increasing equity, protecting the environment and building a better tomorrow.

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Mental health

Mental health is costly. Costly to the individual, to families and our communities in so many different ways. We all know this because to some extent we’ve all experienced it. It’s crucial to be ready and available when the person is ready. That’s why immediate access for people able to receive help is the cornerstone of my mental health issue vision. That means effective outreach, service availability, and a true understanding of the importance of the physical access to services that meet the needs of the issue. I understand the challenges of consolidating services in Portland Hills. I will bring all stakeholders together to create a comprehensive community solution for the residents so Dartmouth North.

An economy where business and employment can grow

Employment programs, small business, big business – we have it all in Dartmouth North (and NSCC close by). This is the perfect environment to work together to create opportunity, be interdependent and create local economy.  As a person who has started, developed, and eventually sold my business I empathized with the people who are oftentimes sacrificing to make their businesses work and thrive, to provide jobs and making a difference in their communities.  I’ll build on the great work being done in Dartmouth North by Nova Scotia works, Lake City Employers, North Grove and other organizations that work to provide residents with the environment where they can learn and have dignified work.

A note here too about many young adults and their situation. I listen to young people and their parents, and it is very difficult to go out on their own with good paying jobs and rental housing that is out of reach. This is a crisis that needs to be addressed.

I will work with the community to create a relationship between the educational institutions, business and the community of Dartmouth North to develop an inter-dependent system that benefits all.

Strengthening food security, health and community

Knowing that you have food in the fridge to feed your family is the backbone of mental and physical health, and wellbeing. North Grove is an example of an amazing community response to address many food and related issues, bringing people together to thrive! We need to build on that work.

People should not have to line up for food, we need to provide food in schools so children have the same opportunity to learn and we need food security for people who cannot work – those with physical challenges, mental health issues, and single parents struggling to raise their kids the best way they can. I will have my voice around the table to ensure funding for these hard working, community building centres continue and grow.

Environment and climate action

Everything that we have comes from the earth. We either grow it, mine it, harvest it or breathe it. It’s all we have to work with!!! The Mi’kmaw people have a name for this, it is “Netukulimk”. We must be able to find that nexus of using the resources but in a way that makes practical sense for our current well-being and for future generations. Buildings and transportation are the two main culprits of GHG in the air. We can address these issues by learning best practices around the world (including NS businesses like CarbonCure) and implement them here in NS. I believe in Premier Rankin’s vision and will continue to seek solutions for  Dartmouth North and for all of Nova Scotians.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing is the Iain Rankin’s government’s top priority as seen through the completion of “The Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission Report” and the 25M “quick start investment, and it will continue to be mine. I have been a part of two housing developments for women ( and the Woodward’s Development in Vancouver when I worked for over 20 years in the Downtown Eastside. I envision a continuum of housing options or pathways that suit the needs of Dartmouth North residents from home-less, transition housing, public housing, affordable housing, and the innovative lease-to-own option. My commitment is to work with the community and businesses to create a combination of options where we all have a place to call home.

Doing more for seniors

We can and we should do more for our seniors – our elders so they can live with dignity and appropriate care for the rest of their lives. As a society we haven’t kept up with the growing numbers of seniors and the care they need, whether they want to stay in their homes or need a facility to give them the physical and mental care they need. It is our obligation.

Currently seniors might have to leave their communities for the sake of safe and a secure place to be cared for and we can do better. We need to keep people in their communities they are familiar with as they grow older and to reduce isolation.  We can create an eco system of collaborative help and support that provides families with the resources to care for their elderly loved ones, and for those who are not able to depend on their families.


For me, access to childcare is an equity issue. As a single mom, I was able to access childcare and for me, it made the difference between a life of poverty and building my life and career. I want the same option for all parents of Dartmouth North and throughout the province. The opportunity to have childcare in your community and its benefits are well documented. It benefits the child, the parents, and the community. I will seek to ensure childcare in Dartmouth North responds to the needs of parents.

How to Vote for Pam

Elections Nova Scotia has made it easy and convenient for you to vote safely in this election. Now is the time to make your vote plan to ensure your voice is heard.

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Advance Poll: You can vote early at Advance Polls from August 7 to 14

Mail: You can apply for a write-in ballot, visit

Election Day: Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, August 17

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