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Suzanne Lohnes-Croft

Liberal Candidate for Lunenburg

Suzanne Lohnes-Croft was first elected to the Nova Scotia Legislature in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017 as the Member for Lunenburg.

Suzanne serves as a member of the Executive Council of Nova Scotia and is the Minister of Communities, Culture & Heritage, Minister of Gaelic Affairs, Minister responsible for the Heritage Property Act, Minister of the Voluntary Sector and a member of the Treasury and Policy Board. Suzanne serves as Alternate Chair (Vice Chair) of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Association.

She has served as Deputy Speaker and as a member of several Legislative Committees including: Human Resources (Vice Chair), Public Accounts (Vice Chair), Law Amendments Health Committee (Chair) and Natural Resources and Economic Development (Chair).

Suzanne was born in Lunenburg and raised in Mahone Bay, where she has spent years volunteering and contributing to the community. In 2010, she received provincial recognition for her volunteer work and was named the Representative Volunteer of the Year for the Town of Mahone Bay.

Suzanne attended the “old” Mahone Bay School, and later Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax. As an Early Childhood Educator, she taught at the Mount Saint Vincent Child Study Centre before moving back to the South Shore. Over the years, Suzanne has taught Nursery School, has served as a Library Clerk/Storyteller and as a Program Support Assistant for the South Shore Regional School Board.

Suzanne continues to live in Mahone Bay with her husband Ken, where they raised three sons and now enjoy regular visits with their three granddaughters.

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A Strong Voice for Lunenburg

Suzanne has always been a strong voice for rural Nova Scotia around the caucus table. She has been part of many important projects to revive the world-renowned Bluenose, including investments to repair the ship and allow future generations to enjoy its rich history. As Bluenose Celebrates its 100th Anniversary, Suzanne is honoured to be Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage during this significant time for Lunenburg and our province.

Suzanne worked to secure funding for a new water tower in Osprey Village that will help enhance water flow for firefighting and increase access to drinking water. She has also worked with Maritime Bus and community partners to help establish a fixed-route pilot project between Halifax and Lunenburg County communities. Other priorities have included upgrading roads such as the paving of Highway 332 and lifting fees from the LaHave Ferry to help make transportation more affordable and accessible.

Palliative Care

Throughout her time as MLA, Suzanne has been a strong advocate for quality end-of-life care. Seven years ago, she was approached by members of the Fishermen’s Memorial Auxiliary to help get a palliative care bed for their facility. After years of meetings, hospital tours and advocacy, her efforts have helped secure a five-room dedicated palliative care unit at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg.

The current government recently announced it will invest $1 million annually in this new unit which is expected to open this fall. This investment means better access to end-of-life health care services that bring comfort and support to patients and their families.

How to Vote for Suzanne

Elections Nova Scotia has made it easy and convenient for you to vote safely in this election. Now is the time to make your vote plan to ensure your voice is heard.

Every Day: You can vote every day at 64 Townsend Street, Lunenburg – Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm

Advance Poll: You can vote early at Advance Polls from August 7 to 14

Mail: You can apply for a write-in ballot, visit

Election Day: Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, August 17

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