Carbon Tax Coming to Nova Scotia Thanks to PC Government’s Fumble

By sitting on its hands for over a year, the Houston government has allowed a carbon tax to come to Nova Scotia which will see gas prices increase by 14 cents per litre.

At the eleventh hour, the Houston government cobbled up a document to present to the federal government earlier this month. The pitch was a list of environmental targets with no details of how to achieve them and made no mention of carbon pricing. Unsurprisingly, the plan was rejected.

“It was obvious when they made their announcement that Premier Houston was allowing a carbon tax to come to Nova Scotia when he submitted a faulty proposal to Ottawa,” says Liberal Leader Zach Churchill. “He knew what was at stake and he chose not to act. Now, Nova Scotians will be left to pay the price.”

A disturbing trend of delay tactics has formed under the Houston government. With a carbon tax on the horizon and a power rate hike coming down the pipe, Nova Scotians can’t afford a government that won’t make proactive decisions to help people in the affordability crisis. “The Houston government won’t take responsibility for the carbon tax coming to Nova Scotia, but make no mistake, it’s their neglect that got us here,” says Churchill.