Coming Soon: The Sackville-Bedford-Burnside Connector

Your Liberal Government is excited to announce that the Burnside connector project is officially underway! Traffic congestion has been a decades-old problem for Burnside commuters, frustrating drivers and businesses alike. In a joint partnership with the federal Building Canada Fund, our government is investing $107-million to this much-needed expressway, in addition to the federal fund’s $86.5-million commitment. Once completed by 2023, the connector will extend Highway 107, build a high-speed bypass, and connect highways 101, 102, and 118.

As Liberals, improving road safety and making travel more efficient for Nova Scotians has been a priority since our government was first elected in 2013. The Sackville-Bedford-Burnside Connector is part of our government’s Five Year Plan, a long term blueprint for building and maintaining our provincial highway system. In just 2018-19 alone, we’ve invested $285-million to expand and improve our roads, highways and bridges – the third largest infrastructure commitment in our province’s history.

We know the 100-series highways are a keystone in our province’s economic landscape. By expanding travel networks, we can further connect Nova Scotians from one side of the province to the next, while creating jobs and growing the local economy.

The Sackville-Bedford-Burnside Connector reflects your government’s continued commitment to making vital investments in our province’s infrastructure, and to help ease longstanding traffic woes for local commuters, residents and businesses.