Creating Opportunities for Youth and New Nova Scotians

As Liberals, we know our young people are key to Nova Scotia’s success. We also know that we need the new ideas, fresh perspectives and diversity that young people and new residents bring to our province and workplaces.

Young people and new Nova Scotians in the Strait region now have more opportunities to build their professional networks and find a good job with the expansion of the Connector Program.

Premier Stephen McNeil has announced an investment of $100,000 in the expansion in the Strait region.

“Creating opportunities for our youth and new Nova Scotians is an important part of building our economy,” said Premier McNeil. “Expanding this program gives more recent graduates and new residents another chance to succeed here by making meaningful connections with local mentors.”

The program connects local businesses, organizations and well-established community volunteers to Nova Scotians who are interested in starting and growing their career in the province. It helps recent graduates, international students and young and new Nova Scotians grow their professional and community networks, find jobs and stay in communities across the province.

The program is currently available in western Nova Scotia, Annapolis Valley, Halifax and Cape Breton.

To succeed as a province, we all need to play a part. Our government remains committed to finding ways to help Nova Scotians reach their full potential as part of a strong economic plan, and this expansion will help drive that plan forward.

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