Doctor wait-list hits all-time high under Houston government

New figures show that one in 10 Nova Scotians are without access to a primary care provider – a number that has increased by nearly 40 per cent under the Houston government.

At a Public Accounts Committee meeting on April 20, the Nova Scotia Health Authority committed to providing access to virtual care for everyone on the registry by the end of June. But now that date has come and gone, and only a fraction has been invited to benefit from the service with more people in need.

“The Houston government has consistently broken critical campaign promises that Nova Scotians elected them on,” says Liberal Leader Zach Churchill. “More people than ever are on their own when it comes to accessing health care because of this government’s mismanagement on the file.”

The urgency to address the growing waitlist is exacerbated by hospitals across the province that are being pushed to the brink. Until the government acts to relieve this pressure, Nova Scotians will be left with few options when they need to access vital care.

“No matter how you slice it, health care has gotten worse by every metric under Premier Houston,” says Churchill. “Hospitals are pushed beyond their limits, the doctor waitlist is higher than ever, and people are going without life-saving surgeries. It’s not enough to simply acknowledge the problem; Nova Scotians deserve the solutions they were promised.”