Ensuring Access to Safe, Affordable, Energy Efficient Housing

As the old saying goes, “There’s no place like home.” And as Liberals, we want to do our part to help every household in Nova Scotia feel it’s true. That’s why government is investing $88 million to ensure that Nova Scotians in need have better access to safe, suitable, affordable housing options.

The 2019-22 Nova Scotia Action Plan is the first three-year segment under the joint federal-provincial Canada-Nova Scotia National Housing Agreement, a 10-year initiative to greatly reduce housing needs for nearly 3,000 households in the province through new programming and upgrades. As the plan rolls out over the next decade, our provincial government will match the $197 million federal contribution, for a total investment of $394 million, into bettering the lives of those in need.

In addition, $70 million is being contributed to support ongoing provincial priorities in the housing sector, a total investment of $158 million over the next three years as we take action to give our most vulnerable citizens the housing they deserve.

So, what can Nova Scotians expect to see from this plan?

Over 100 households will see accessibility improvements, there will be repairs to more than 70 Urban Native housing units – and the construction of four new ones. Other actions include a new transformation/co-investment fund focused on expanding access to new rental housing, a new program to support infrastructure and redevelopment of non-profit/cooperative housing, a new rent-supplement unit in the private rental market to benefit about 100 households in need, as well as a rent-supplement in a non-profit, or cooperative building, for households in core housing need.

We’ll also continue to maintain over 2,000 existing social housing units, and repair 450 public housing units, as well as 300 community ones, through current provincial programs like the Affordable Housing Program, and the Home Repair/Adaption Program.

On top of that, our government is investing $11 million toward energy efficiency upgrades at 100 public housing buildings across the province. Improving the lives of those in need means prioritizing their comfort – and not only will these retrofits reduce heating and cooling costs, they will help our province continue to flourish as a national leader in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Our Liberal government is committed to improving the lives of all Nova Scotians, and creating happier, stronger communities along the way. These investments are just some of the ways we’re taking action to achieve that goal.

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