#EveryoneBenefits from Gender Equality

Your Liberal government knows the importance of advancing gender equality to women, men and people of all gender identities. When we make progress towards gender equality, #EveryoneBenefits.

During our time in government, we’ve made empowering women, girls and gender diverse people a priority. We know that all All Nova Scotians should see themselves reflected in our institutions. That’s why, when premier Stephen McNeil took office, he appointed the first female deputy premier in Nova Scotia’s history. 

It’s also why we worked toward achieving gender parity on the provincial and family courts, and we continue to diversify the bench with the appointments of African-Nova Scotians, Indigenous Nova Scotians and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Because when we’re all equal, #EveryoneBenefits.

Last year, our government removed maternity leave penalties for municipal councillors, to encourage more women to run for public office.

Recently, we introduced ‘X’ as a gender option on birth certificates, driver’s licenses and health cards, allowing Nova Scotians the opportunity to see themselves represented on one of the most common forms of government identification.

We’ve supported and improved income security, which greatly effects affect women, by improving the Maintenance Enforcement Program, no longer deducting child support payments from income assistance, and working with community groups, including the Women’s Place Resource Centre, to develop a Home Share program.

We’ve supported women in the workforce by collaborating with NSCC to help women entering and training for non-traditional fields, creating and investing in the Graduate to Opportunities program, and launched of Safe Spaces Make Great Workplaces, free online training to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace.

We’ve invested in Early Childhood Education through new and improved childcare spaces and pre-primary, which empowers more women to join the workforce. 

Most recently, we ensured universal access to menstrual products in schools with grades four and up, making them accessible to students who need them.

We’re proud of our record, but we know there is always more work to do. We will continue to support gender equality, because we know when we do, #EveryoneBenefits. 

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