Families Facing Costly Back-to-School Expenses under Idle PC Government

As the Houston government continues to ignore the affordability crisis, families
across Nova Scotia are grappling with more expenses as their children return to the
classroom in just a few weeks.

A new report from Deloitte says that more than half of Canadian families are worried
about back-to-school expenses as the fall draws near. With one of the highest
inflation rates in the country, that anxiety is worse for Nova Scotia families who
continue to struggle with the rising cost-of-living under an idling Houston

“The cost of sending kids back to school each year can mean devastating choices
for many Nova Scotian families. They shouldn’t have to choose between buying a
new backpack and markers for their child, and refilling a prescription,” says
Education and Early Childhood Development critic Derek Mombourquette. “And
they certainly shouldn’t have to worry about their child going hungry at lunch time.
But that’s the reality for an increasing number of families in our province, and this
government has done nothing to help people in a time when they need it most.”

Our Liberal Party introduced bills that would create a universal lunch program, and a
centralized hub to provide free school supplies to students.

With only three weeks to go before the start of the school year though, the Houston
government still hasn’t provided any measures to alleviate classroom expenses for

“This government has repeatedly said that Nova Scotians aren’t going to see any
sort of affordability relief. It’s an inexcusable response, especially when it impacts a
child’s education. This government has got to get off their hands and help make life
more affordable for the people of this province,” says Mombourquette.