Nova Scotia Liberal Party announces the registration of over 8100 Delegates

The Nova Scotia Liberal Party has grown to almost 16,000 members as of the January 7th membership registration deadline. As well, despite the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, over 8100 Nova Scotians have registered as delegates and are eager to get involved and have their say to pick the next Liberal leader and Premier.

“We are excited that so many have joined the Party during these past four months. This is a crucial time for our province,” says Dr. Joseph Khoury, President of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party. “Nova Scotians want strong leadership to lead them through the next stage of the pandemic. We have three extraordinary candidates who are experienced and ready to do just that.”

Members who signed up as of January 7th, 2021 were eligible to register as Leadership delegates and to cast a vote during the February 1st–6th voting period.

In September, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party had 9300 registered members. The NSLP is a dual membership Party that grants membership status to the Nova Scotia Liberal Party as well as the Liberal Party of Canada.

“Our candidates have been laser focused on the issues most important to Nova Scotians,” says Kristan Hines, Co-chair of the 2021 Liberal Leadership Committee. “Even with the COVID-19 restrictions, the candidates have spent the last four months consulting with Nova Scotians virtually and regularly releasing policy proposals on healthcare, the environment, the economy and much more. They deserve lots of credit for that.”

The Nova Scotia Liberal Party will come together virtually on February 5th and 6th to select the next Liberal Leader—and Premier of Nova Scotia. Information on the Convention will be released in the coming days.