Free Menstrual Products Available in All Nova Scotia Schools

When our kids go to school, we want them to be able to focus on their studies.

Having access to fundamental necessities like pads or tampons at school isn’t something our students should ever have to worry about.

That’s why our Liberal government is announcing that public school students across the province in Grade 4 and up will now have access to free menstrual products when they need them. That’s 367 schools across Nova Scotia, meaning upwards of 40,000 students could potentially access these products.

When they need them, our students can have ease of mind knowing if they face challenges in getting these items on their own, or simply just forgot to plan ahead, their school has them covered. Each school will display a poster directing students on where to find feminine hygiene products when they need them. Schools will decide how and when these products will be provided.

While some schools across Nova Scotia have been providing menstrual products free of charge to their students for quite some time, our government wants this to be a consistent provision across the province. Some students skip class or miss school entirely because of barriers to accessing period products – now they can have comfort knowing that doesn’t have to be an option.

Periods happen. And no matter the economic or social background, our government wants every student in Nova Scotia to have free and easy access to feminine hygiene products when and if they need them.