From first to last: COVID-19 response under Houston government

Nova Scotia’s pandemic response has gone from being the envy of the world to an embarrassment on Premier Houston’s watch.

The Nova Scotia Liberal Party has been calling on the Houston government to make decisive, proactive decisions for months, but Premier Houston dragged his heels.

“From business supports to vaccine rollouts, and everything in between, the Houston government has consistently been two steps behind,” says Liberal Leader Iain Rankin. “The blueprint is there. Why won’t Premier Houston follow it?”

As Omicron continues to surge in the province, Premier Houston has surrendered, telling Nova Scotians it’s time to take “personal responsibility” for their actions.

Given that hospitalization numbers were only released after public outcry and vaccination rates among children haven’t been updated in days – how can Nova Scotians be expected to make informed decisions for themselves?

“We are now nearly two years into this pandemic,” says Rankin. “At this point, the level of uncertainty coming from the Houston government is unacceptable.”