Houston Government Apathetic as Inflation Rate Soars

Nova Scotia’s inflation rate has hit 8.8 per cent, well above the national average which itself has ballooned to a 40-year high.

Yet Nova Scotia continues to be met with silence from the Houston government on any sort of relief as people’s wallets are increasingly pinched under these record-breaking numbers.

“People in our province are seeing a leap in prices that many haven’t experienced in their lifetime, and Premier Houston is on record side-stepping any sliver of commitment to providing relief. To be frank, it’s inexplicable that this government is ignoring the seriousness of this issue,” says Liberal Leader Iain Rankin.

The premier has spent the last few months trying to justify his government’s level of inaction by explaining they don’t want to take away from their focus on healthcare.

“Leadership isn’t about being a one-issue government. The reality is that anything can happen, at any time and government’s job is to respond. Premier Houston has explained his government’s disinterest in this affordability crisis by saying their plans need to be sustainable. Yes, people need sustainability from their government – but they also need to see agility. And this government has refused to spring into action as the cost-of-living soars,” says Rankin.