Houston Government Sitting on Pot of Cash Meant for Vulnerable Seniors

A freedom of information request obtained by the Liberal Party shows that less than half of the funds reserved for the Seniors’ Care Grant were awarded to seniors on a low income.

In the Houston government’s spring budget, $30 million was set aside to help older Nova Scotians afford household services. However, the delivery of the program was met with challenges; less than half of those who were eligible received funds because of the cumbersome application process.

“Seniors are one of our most vulnerable populations in this cost-of-living crisis. They shouldn’t have to bend over backwards for money they’re entitled to,” says Seniors and Long Term Care critic Kelly Regan. “The Houston government knew well before the deadline that there were issues with this program, but they did nothing to solve them.”

By 2030, it is estimated that 1 in 4 Nova Scotians will be aged 65 and over. Amid an affordability crisis, there’s no time to waste in returning the leftover funds back to the province’s seniors.

“The Houston government is sitting on a significant amount of money that is intended to help our seniors on a low-income,” says Regan. “Distributing that money right away is simply the right thing to do.”