Houston Out Of Touch With the Healthcare System

Premier Houston has proven himself to be out of touch with the reality of many Nova Scotians in the healthcare system by saying, “if you get sick in this province, you will get extremely good care. And shame on anyone who suggests otherwise.”

For the thousands of Nova Scotians who are without a family doctor, waiting for a life-saving surgery, or working in a system that is pushed beyond its limit, dismissive comments like that of the Premier diminish the experiences so many Nova Scotians are facing.

“Premier Houston was elected on a promise to fix healthcare, but under his leadership, our healthcare system is rapidly deteriorating,” says Health and Wellness critic Brendan Maguire. “When the Premier makes careless statements like that, it’s clear he’s not attuned to the state of the healthcare crisis.”

It’s not the first time the Premier has made comments that were detached from reality. Just one month ago he described the progress he’s made on the healthcare file as “remarkable.”

“When more Nova Scotians than ever are struggling to access the healthcare services they need, that’s not remarkable – it’s remarkably bad,” says Maguire.