Investing in more child care spaces in Nova Scotia


We know Nova Scotians want access to quality, affordable, inclusive child care. When our children have that access, they gain the skills to succeed both at school and in the future.

That’s why an investment of $2.4 million was announced to create more than 750 new child care spaces.

Funding for these spaces come from a three-year, $35 million early learning and child care funding agreement with the federal government that was signed in January 2018.

We know that more access to early childhood education is crucial for a child’s development. Since 2014, we’ve added 2,245 spaces to our child care system.

The child care sector will also have access to another $5.9 million that will help it grow and meet the needs of the communities it serves. It will be used to offer a second round of funding for the Strategic Growth Initiative and Space Conversion Grant, and to create a new Program Enhancement Grant for non-profit centres.

These new spaces will help families with infants, toddlers, pre-school and pre-primary-aged children in communities where child care is difficult to get.