Investing in quality care

Building state-of-the-art medical facilities, expanding access to mental health supports, rejuvenating long-term care homes and enhancing homecare services

Nova Scotians aren’t numbers. They’re people with voices and lived experiences. And we believe people need quality care with a focus on wellbeing. We bring to health care the same dedication and evidence-based approach we bring to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re building world-class medical facilities. We’re expanding access to mental health supports. And we’re giving our seniors the respect they deserve. We’ve invested over $1 billion dollars in Long-Term Care. We’re revitalizing LTC to reduce wait times and provide more comfortable homes. We’re there for you, Nova Scotia, and we always will be.

Health Infrastructure

  • Investing $4 billion over five years to support the largest healthcare redevelopment projects in Nova Scotia’s history.
  • Completing the QEII New Generation Project to create new operating rooms, cancer centre, and outpatient centre.
  • Completing the CBRM Healthcare Redevelopment Project to expand emergency departments, improve the cancer centre, strengthen the critical care ward, add 60 new LTC beds, and implement a community based paramedic program
  • Revitalizing infrastructure across the province with projects in each health zone.
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Doctor Training, Recruitment & Retention

  • Committing $12.2 million for physician training at the Dalhousie Medical School, including an additional $1.2 million to fund 16 new seats.
  • Training more family doctors by committing $300,000 annually to fund a new cohort of 10 family medicine residents.
  • Increasing investments in speciality residence placements by $2 million.
  • Investing an additional $135 million to provide doctors with a 2% pay increase over each of the next four years.
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Prioritizing Primary Care

  • Establishing a Primary Care Council to create a whole government approach to the management of our primary care system.
  • Ensuring better patient outcomes by building responsive multidisciplinary teams that maximize the collective wisdom of all health professionals.
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Physician Integration Program

  • Establishing a new community-based integration program to welcome and support new doctors and their families with a $1 million annual investment.
  • Equipping community leaders, local physicians and HR professionals with the tools needed to integrate new doctors into local communities.
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Office of Physician Recruitment and Retention

  • Launching a consolidated Office of Physician Recruitment and Retention to lead Nova Scotia’s efforts to bring more doctors to the province.
  • Doubling Nova Scotia’s investment in physician recruitment by providing the office with a $5 million budget.
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Targeted Incentives for Greater Attachment

  • Working with Doctors Nova Scotia to develop a new payment model that creates conditions for full-time family doctors to increase their patient panels.
  • Improving access to primary care for Nova Scotians waiting for a family doctor, especially in rural areas.
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Investing in Virtual Care

  • Implementing virtual billing codes to allow family practitioners to provide routine care to patients remotely.
  • Expanding access to primary for waitlisted patients in the northern and western health zones by piloting the VirtualCare Nova Scotia program — intaking approximately 2,000 patients per week and giving almost 30,000 people without a physician access to primary care.
  • Investing an additional $6 million to support virtual care clinics for Nova Scotians currently on waitlists.
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Investing in Nurses

  • Expanding training opportunities for future nurses by investing in post-secondary programs.
  • Doubling the funding available for the Nurse Practitioner Education Incentive and adding seats in the Nurse Practitioner Program at Dalhousie with investments of $1.5 million and $500,000.
  • Investing $4.05 million over three years to create 270 new LPN seats at the Nova Scotia Community College.
  • Increasing the number of BScN seats at Cape Breton University and Dalhousie (Yarmouth campus) to address the increased demand for RNs — 62 new seats at CBU and 8 at Dalhousie Yarmouth, including 10 reserved seats for Indigenous students and 10 for African Nova Scotian students.
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Expanding Midwifery

  • Investing $1.75 million annually to expand midwifery to additional communities, including the Annapolis Valley and Cape Breton.
  • Increasing the number of practicing midwives in the province from 16 to 24.
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Re-designing continuing care

  • Implementing a modernized strategy built upon flexible and client-centric care, service excellence, and workforce growth and sustainability.
  • Enhancing the Caregiver Benefit Program to extend access to services that allow Nova Scotians to stay in their homes longer.
  • Improving access to home care services by adjusting the low-income threshold for home care and providing an additional $3.05 million per year to expand access to an additional 1600 Nova Scotians per year.
  • Establishing a province-wide council of LTC residents, home care clients, families, and caregivers to advise on system improvements.
  • Rejuvenating Nova Scotia’s LTC sector with a $152.6 million investment — 500 new beds, 1,998 renovated beds, for a total of 2498 modernized beds across 24 facilities.
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Partnership with NSCC—Pathway to Progress Program

  • Supporting Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) by increasing wages, investing in workplace safety initiatives, and covering tuition and books at NSCC.
  • Investing $500,000 annually to cover the cost of tuition and books at NSCC for CCAs upgrading credentials.
  • Establishing 30 new seats in the LPN program reserved for CCAs who have practiced for five years and will commit to practice in LTC for an additional five years.
  • Creating a Pathways to Progress bursary to provide opportunities for CCAs.
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Reimagining aging well

  • Committing $8.7 million over the next four years to fund initiatives that support Nova Scotia’s health aging strategy.
  • Investing $3.1 million to maintain senior-focused programming such as day-programming for older adults with disabilities, Community Links and Aging Well Coalitions, community transportation initiatives, and more.
  • Combating ageism and social isolation.
  • Focusing on social determinants of health
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Mental health & addictions

  • Establishing the Office of Mental Health and Addiction with a year one budget of $1.5 million.
  • Increasing mental health and addictions program spending by $12.3 million to establish new intervention sessions, withdrawal management hubs, and e-mental health options.
  • Investing $4 million annually to launch eight mental health walk-in clinics and providing $200,000 annually to fund new mobile street nurses in the CBRM.
  • Allocating $1.775 million to support the identification of unique mental health and addictions care needs for communities facing systemic barriers.
  • Committing $500,000 annually to hire additional social workers within Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner programs.
  • Alleviating stress on inpatient mental health services with a $1.5 million annual investment in new staffing and other supports.
  • Providing an additional $2 million annually to support Nova Scotia’s Family Resource Centres.
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