Investing to Grow Nova Scotia’s Economy, Enhance Community Supports

Your Liberal government is laying the foundation for a brighter future and a stronger economy that more Nova Scotians can participate in.

Nova Scotians in all areas of the province will benefit from projects that will have a lasting impact over the next decade.

More than $120 million in one-time funding, generated from offshore revenues, will help expand and improve high-speed internet service to homes and businesses. An additional $40 million will fund projects that drive research and innovation including money for post-secondary research in oceans, aerospace, health and other key sectors.

Investments will also be made in attractions and cultural events that contribute to our communities, like major sporting events. More than $16 million will help support Nova Scotians who need specific supports, including funding for Shelter Nova Scotia, needle exchange programs and assistance for low-income Nova Scotians to make their homes more energy efficient.

We are making the most of this opportunity to give Nova Scotians the tools they need to succeed, make the most of the ideas that come from our brightest minds and help Nova Scotians in need.

In total, your Liberal government will invest more than $180 million in new projects by the end of 2017-2018.


Following are the investments made possible by offshore revenue:

High-Speed Internet: $120M to connect more homes and businesses, and enhance service for under-served communities.

Air Pilot: $11.1M to improve our connections to key markets in China, Europe, and the Northeastern and Central United States and help us continue to increase trade, tourism, and immigration.

Research Nova Scotia Trust: $20M to fund post-secondary research related to ocean and science technology, aerospace and defence, clean technology, health and wellness, resource sectors, and social innovation.

Offshore Growth Strategy: $11.7M to extend offshore work in petroleum geoscience for another four years.

Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship, Discovery and Innovation Hub: $11M to create a physical location that will advance knowledge creation, innovation and commercialization and connect students and professors with entrepreneurs, businesses, and the external community.

Deep Sense: $5M to help support the creation of a world class ocean data analytics platform to help grow the regional ocean economy.

Innovation Team: $1.5M to support a new round of projects that help post-secondary institutions grow the provincial economy, attract students and expand research and development opportunities.

Sandboxes: $850,000 to create a ninth sandbox for Southwest Nova Scotia, to bring together NSCC students, mentors and external advisors in spaces where students can explore entrepreneurship and take business and social enterprise concepts from ideas to execution.

Homewarming: $12.1M to help low-income Nova Scotians in non-electrically heared homes with energy assessments and free home upgrades.

Opioid Use and Overdose Framework: $1.6M to stabilize needle distribution and exchange programs delivered throughout Nova Scotia and to ensure police and corrections continue to carry naloxone.

Coaching to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: $1.4M to help Nova Scotians with Autism Spectrum Disorder better transition into the workforce and stay employed.

Shelter Nova Scotia: $1.1M to help the organization hire more staff, replace mattresses and provide breakfast to Nova Scotians in need.

International Rugby Series: $200,000 to support the international rugby series hosted by Rugby Nova Scotia between June-August 2018.

Atlantic Division- Canoe/Kayak Canada – Pan American Canoe Sprint Championships: $320,000 to supporting hosting of the  2018 Pan American Canoe Sprint Championships in September 2018, The department will provide an additional $200,000 for a total of $520,000.

Workplace health and safety for healthcare workers: $520,000 to fund training to help staff in home care and long-term care facilities to safely lift and move patients.

Sherbrooke Restoration Commission: $246,000 to support the transition of the Sherbrooke pension plan to the Public Service Superannuation Plan.

Several projects remain under negotiation and will be announced in the coming weeks as agreements are completed.

These are opportunities we may not have been able to support without this one-time revenue, and without already having a solid fiscal plan that is working. Even with these investments, your Liberal government expects to end 2017-18 with a balanced budget.