Keeping Communities Strong

Nova Scotia is blessed with a rich and diverse heritage that helps tell the story of the province’s many cultures. As Liberals, we recognize that it is important to support our communities to keep them active, strong and vibrant.

We know that it is the community halls, churches and community centres that give Nova Scotians a variety of avenues to come together and grow as a community.

That is why we’re pleased to announce today that our government will invest more than $943,000 to support 40 community-based projects, led by local not-for-profit organizations to provide a better experience for those who use the facilities.

These projects will help to keep communities strong and spirited. Your Liberal government knows it is important we maintain sustainable community centres. They are more than just buildings, they are part of people’s lives.

These are the type of investments that help maintain the important infrastructure in our communities and provide opportunities for all Nova Scotians to maintain the social connections that are at the heart of our province’s success.

Investments through the Communities Facility Improvement program are connecting people, organizations, municipal partners, and others to key pieces of infrastructure that help to define their communities.