Kelly Regan acclaimed as Liberal candidate for Bedford Basin

(Halifax, NS) – Kelly Regan has been acclaimed as the candidate for Bedford Basin and will officially represent the Nova Scotia Liberal Party in the next provincial election.

Kelly has been representing her constituents in the Nova Scotia Legislature since 2009. Since then, she has held a variety of cabinet positions and currently serves as the Minister of Community Services, Seniors, and the Minister responsible for the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. 

Most notably, Kelly had the honour of being appointed Deputy Premier of Nova Scotia in the current Rankin government.

“I am thrilled that Kelly will be on our team in the next election campaign,” says Premier Iain Rankin. “Nova Scotia is fortunate to have her as Deputy Premier, and Bedford has been well-served by her strong representation as an MLA.  The Liberal Party is lucky to have someone with her commitment to public service and her experience in public life.  I look forward to continuing to work with Kelly to improve the lives of all Nova Scotians in a new Liberal government.”  

Kelly has resided in Bedford with her family for nearly 25 years where she continues to be an advocate for the community. Her career began in journalism where she worked as director of news programs at ATV/ASN. Since she began her career in politics nearly 12 years ago, she has remained a dedicated community volunteer and passionate supporter of women’s issues.

During her time in government, Kelly has been a driving force for several local projects that will benefit the residents of Bedford Basin. The Sackville-Bedford Burnside Connector, the two new Broad Street schools, and the Community Outpatient Clinic in Bayer’s Lake will improve the lives of so many who call Bedford home.

The nomination of Kelly Regan is the first of many announcements that will be forthcoming from the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, led by Premier Iain Rankin.

“I’m so pleased to be a part of Iain Rankin’s team — a Party that’s focused on the environment, economy, and equity,” said Regan. “Bedford’s future is bright, and I’m delighted to be the Liberal candidate for Bedford Basin in the coming provincial election.”


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