The Accessibility act and standards aim to bring widespread change across the province, and it’s important to clarify that this work isn’t just about modifying buildings – it’s about creating a culture shift....

Youth health centres have been in many Nova Scotia schools for more than 14 years, and are now in 70 junior high and high schools across the province. They offer a range of services, including health education, health promotion, information and referral, follow-up support, and...

We continue to work on different ways to recruit and retain both family doctors and specialists. Just the other day, the Speech from the Throne noted that since April of last year, 160 family doctors and specialists have started working in Nova Scotia. ...

Nova Scotia Tax Credits

Nova Scotia residents can donate up to $5,000 per year to each political party. Your first $1,000 is eligible for a generous 75% tax credit (That means the first $1,000 donated only costs you $250.)

For information on provincial political contributions visit Elections Nova Scotia.
For information on claiming provincial tax credits visit Canada Revenue Agency.
Become a Member

In Nova Scotia, we have a dual membership program that grants membership status in the Nova Scotia Liberal Party as well as the Liberal Party of Canada. Registering as a Liberal member only takes a few minutes. After completing the process, you will automatically become a member of both the provincial and federal Liberal Party.
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