Aboriginal People’s Commission

“With the creation of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission (APC) in 1990, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) became the first and only political party to formally recognize the unique place that Aboriginal Peoples occupy in Canada by providing them the opportunity to represent themselves within a federal party.

Prior to the establishment of the APC, Aboriginal issues were the responsibility of the Standing Committee on Native and Original Peoples’ Affairs. There were no provisions within the Party’s Constitution to enable Standing Committee members to be involved in other areas of Party business, such as the National Executive or other LPC Standing Committees.

There was, however, an Aboriginal Caucus within the Party and it was their mission to create a commission which would have a greater influence within the Liberal Party of Canada. At the Halifax Policy Convention in 1985, the concept of an Aboriginal Commission was first expressed. This led to the adoption of a priority resolution at the 1986 Biennial Convention endorsing in principle the establishment of an Aboriginal Commission within the Liberal Party of Canada.” About us –Liberal.ca

Website : www.apc-cpa.liberal.ca

If you are interested in being on the Executive of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission, please contact the Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

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