Senior Liberals’ Commission in Nova Scotia

Established in 2010 the Senior Liberal’s Commission (SLCNS)visioned the Seniors in Nova Scotia should achieve and maintain an optimal quality of life and well being within healthy communities.

The Commission is an inclusive group dedicated to making Nova Scotia more senior friendly by providing a forum for policy discussion and development. We are men and women 60 years of age and over, and members of the Liberal Party- the only federal political party with an established Commission for Seniors.

The Commission has pledged to promote Liberal values, principles and policy among Nova Scotia Seniors by encouraging participation and disseminating information regarding the Liberal Party and Senior’s issues, and to identify seniors’ needs and aspirations and recommend and promote positive public policy options relative to those needs and aspirations in areas such as:

  • Healthy Communities
  • Seniors living below the poverty line
  • Affordable Housing shortages
  • Home care with the appropriate support services
  • Universal Health and Pharmacare

Seniors have a wealth of experience and wisdom to contribute toward a better Nova Scotia.

Become a member of the Liberal Party and let your views be known.

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