Liberal Leader Iain Rankin Reflects on the Start of the 64th Legislative Session

Today, 55 MLAs from across Nova Scotia gathered in Province House to begin the first House session under a new government.

In the Speech from the Throne today, the government set out its priorities for the province. The voters have given a clear mandate for Premier Tim Houston and his government to improve healthcare access in Nova Scotia- and our Liberal caucus is committed to advancing our shared priorities on behalf of all Nova Scotians.

The government’s success is Nova Scotia’s success. Through the guidance of Public Health, Nova Scotians have stepped up to the plate in the battle against COVID-19 and helped earn our status as one of the safest provinces to live in the country. But the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. We’ll continue to ensure our province follows public health measures to combat this fourth wave, but we cannot lose sight of what the recovery process may look like either.

This government must provide a safe landing pad for Nova Scotians, and issues around housing and rent control are top of mind to the people in our province – and to our Liberal caucus as well. The housing crisis is a real issue for Nova Scotians from one corner of our province to the next, and we’ll fight to ensure that it’s prioritized on the floor of the legislature. Winter is coming and we must legislate rent control so that when the state of emergency is lifted, people are not left out in the cold. But the housing crisis isn’t the only urgent matter affecting our province.

We’re in a climate emergency as well, with the World Health Organization calling climate change the “single biggest health threat facing humanity.” Immediate action is needed to reach eco targets and ensure our province is a cleaner, greener Nova Scotia for all.

My Liberal team plans to be a willing partner with the government on the issues that matter most to Nova Scotians. But make no mistake, as Opposition we will be serving as the critical check on the government to ensure those issues are met with kept promises.

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